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When do you wrap the "Santa" presents?


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as for the regular gifts, i do them all along, but keep a written list so i know what all i got (cant trust my memory and want to be fair). This year there will be two unwrapped bikes (you're joking if you think I AM WRAPPING THOSE!)


as for santa... here, he only does the stocking stuffers and normally i wrap those while the kids TRY to fall asleep. but i am taking a hint from this thread and not wrapping those. shoot, the kids still at home are 9 and 14 and don't believe anymore anyway. we sorta don't talk about it... because i always told the kids "santa is as real as you believe in him" and "santa is real in your heart.. the SPIRIT of christmas/santa"... and that he is alive/real to me cuz i have that in my heart!



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