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Electronic Bartender -$4.97


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Electronic Bartender -$4.97






Model: 63-1161

Catalog #: 63-1161



Online: Product is discontinued

Available at most stores, find it near you


Mix, shake or pour any drink.

With over 500 recipes, the electronic bartender is the perfect guide to serving drinks like a pro. Plus, with cocktail basics, tips, tricks, terms and measurements, you'll be sure to impress at any party.



Over 500 recipes

Includes cocktail basics, tips, tricks, terms and measurements

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I bought the last one the store here had today. It seems to work pretty good, even comes with batteries. (Drawback is that it takes button cell batteries.) It can tell you all kinds of things - even to what your blood alcohol level is after drinking. Has tons of drink recipes programmed in it in every kind of category you can think of. Looks like it does everything except mix the drink for you. :D
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