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What are the recipe tin designs this year?


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We're pretty small too, but they were absolutely gone within minutes.  Women walked away with 10 - 15 each.  A woman behind us in line had her cart half full with those alone and she said that she was buying them "just in case" she ever needed them.


People are ridiculously mean when it comes to Black Friday at the Wal-Mart here.  Very much the attitude of, "Even if I don't need it, I'll buy it so no one else can have it."  I remember they had the collage picture frames a couple years ago and people pushed and shoved over them.  I remember meeting up with my family in an abandoned aisle to go through what we had grabbed.  I wasn't able to grab a collage frame, but I noticed that a woman about 3 feet away from us had 6 in her cart.  She was counting them and listing off what she was going to do with each one.  She pulled one out of her cart and told her son (who must have been 10 or 11) that she didn't need that one and he should go put it back somewhere.  As the boy started to put it up, I said, "Ma'am, if you don't want that, do you mind if I have it?  I need one and didn't get a chance to grab one."  She gave me the stink eye and said, "I think I'm actually going to keep it."  She yanked it away from her son and put it back in her cart.  


I don't know why, but I remember walking away feeling really embarrassed.  I was just about out of the aisle when I heard someone behind me yell, "Wait!  Miss, I want you to have this!"  It was the little boy with the collage frame in his hand.  He had it in my hands and was running back to an angry mother before I could say anything.  Unfortunately, it seems like the majority of shoppers are like that mother.  They would rather buy it and return it later than put it up and see someone else walk away with it.

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