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Walmart.com Black Friday Sale


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I was able to get the 50 inch TV.  I loved the wrist band system.  I arrived about 6:10 and  we were number 27 and 28 of the 29 50 inch  TV's they had.   As soon as you got to the location they were giving them out.  They said you had to be back in line between 8 and 10pm  which allowed you time to shop for the 6:00 AND 8 O'clock stuff.  They had everything out, but you just could pay for the 8'oclock stuff until 8, but you could put it in your cart. We shopped around and paid for all our other stuff and loaded into the car and then came back in for the TV.  All in all one of the easilest times I had getting a door buster item. There were some people who showed up around 10 mins to 8 expecting to get an item that clearly said limited quanity? As past years go the crowd was not nealy as big as it past. Usually the check out lines would go way back into the clothes section, but not this year.

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