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Need Gift Exchange Theme Ideas


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A couple years ago we stopped buying for everyone in my immediate family.  We each still buy for my parents and the kids under 18 (there's only 3) but we no longer buy each of the adults gifts.  We've moved to doing an exchange, pretty much white elephant style.  We throw a theme (w/ a dollar limit in) each year.  The first year was just anything went, the second year the gifts had to be "As Seen On TV" items.  Then last year we filled stockings.


My sister and I are brainstorming but coming up empty on a new theme for this year.  There isn't many of us (just 7) and the themed exchange is the highlight of our evening.  So, I'm looking for a creative theme idea and need help.

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Yard and Garden

Survivor/Emergency Preparedness

Games& Puzzles


Select a color or print and all gifts must be that color or have the name in the title

If there's anything in common in the group use that: movies, coffee lovers. photography etc

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Choose a number - a reasonable one - and the gift has to either contain that many pieces or be given in that quantity.


Example 1: the number is 12 and the person likes chocolate... you could get 12 small boxes of chocolates, one box with 12 expensive chocolates inside, 12 chocolate themed items in a basket, a dozen chocolate donuts...

Example 2: the number is 5 and the person likes to cook... five kitchen tools, five restaurant or grocery gift cards, five full place settings of quality dishes, a new set of cookware containing five pots and pans, five gourmet spices, five cooking classes...


This could be a lot of fun as creativity in incorporating the theme into your gift is encouraged. :)

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Movie Night - all presents have to be related to a favorite movie

GAMES- board games, online/video games,card games etc

Food -- all presents related to food -eating out or cooking


There are alot of us (20+) and we tell all the girls to buy a girl gift and the boys to buy a boy gift. We get a good range of gifts and since the age range is like 5 yrs to 82 yrs old, we get a range of gifts. It is funny when the 13 year old opens the bottle of Crown Royal....LOL

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