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Compaq Laptop BB


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Did anyone see the laptop in BB's sunday add 450.00 after 300 MIB? It was a compaq presario v2000 series. I am not sure of the exact model...Pretty much standard fare spec wise. Similiar to the BF deals only its got a 14 inch widescreen instead of 15. It also doesnt have the ATI graphics chip. I was looking at picking up an inexpensive laptop and when I checked it out, it looked good to me. But I wanted to get others opinions on it. I also asked about the MIB and the dept manager said it was a BB rebate that I could turn in online. She then, out of the blue, called CS and found out that the rebate center has a 2-3 week turn around currently. She couldnt promise anything... But 2-3 weeks is a whole lot better then 6-8. I was impressed that she went that little extra step.
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