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Server Move Tomorrow (Saturday)


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Just an update:


Tomorrow morning we will be moving GottaDeal to a new server. Therefore at some point tomorrow morning (most likely around 9am ET) I will be closing the forum :2lock: so no new posts get lost during the transition. With it being the holiday weekend, hopefully you all have better things to do with your time :)


The main site will continue to look and function the same, so the only way you will know when the nameserver changes have taken effect is that the forum will once again be open, which should happen sometime tomorrow afternoon if all goes well.


Everything is already set up on the new server and from what I can tell is working perfectly, so I don't anticipate any actual downtime for the main site. I'm sure if something goes horribly wrong :cry2: , RossMAN will let you know via a post on ATOT.



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Glad everyone made it over, lol.


I was surprised it went as well as it did considering we were moving a pretty complex site to a new server, and from cPanel to DirectAdmin. Other than a few minor changes I had to make (which were done before propagation) because of cPanel/DA differences, there were no problems at all. This should be the final move for a long time :crosses fingers:

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