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Ematic 7" Pro Series 2 Google Android 4.0 Capacitive 8GB Tablet $29.99 ebay


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Ematic 7" Pro Series 2 Google Android 4.0 Capacitive 8GB Tablet




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Posting this in case anyone needs to look this up in the future.


I purchased two, black and gray. My intention was to use one as a digital picture frame, and the other in our household "command center" as basically a calendar and a quick way to check the weather.


Oh my how I was wrong. I wish I'd gotten one or two more.


I've only charged one thus far...but I LOVE it. The screen is just as responsive as my iPad (1st gen). There is a micro-SD card slot, so there's now another 32gb of memory I've loaded for it. It comes with a bit of software - most of it useless for me but a few interesting little apps. I'm working now to get some of my core apps loaded - Kindle, a few games, that sort of thing. I get the feeling this is going to be going everywhere with me now, and the iPad might be the one relegated to home use.


Camera quality does suck, but I didn't buy it for the camera. It doesn't charge through USB, only the charger (which is not a USB charger of any sort), which did surprise me.


Overall, for $30? A total steal.

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