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Guest beatmix01

$2.75 at a regular store? They are normally $1.99 on Long Island, however in NYC that would be about the right price. If you think that is bad, at the lounges I go to a RedBull could be around $6. I have paid as high as $12 for a redbull and vodka at some of the places in NYC I go out to.


But yes, B&M is the way to go.

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$31.99 a case at the Bridgewater, NJ store, probably the same at the stores near you. That's just a bit more than half of what you're paying, maybe worth borrowing the car if you could afford to buy a lot in one trip.


Bockchow, if you were nearby I'd hook you up for $21.50 a case of Bawls. :)

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