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% off schedule target for TOYS after xmas?


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Hello everyone :yup:


Does anyone know the schedule for percent off at target?? after x-mas? for toys. ( not x-mas stuff), any other great places to get deals after x-mas??


sorry if this is posted elsewhere...........





this is what i will look forward to,:yelclap: now that black friday is over........



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allmfp shared the Chr-stmas clearance dates on the Perimeter Perusing thread already. You can find it on page 5 about half way down at http://forums.gottadeal.com/showthread.php?t=14835&page=5


However, as I am still farily new to gottadeal (truly nothing against you, alimfp) the only poster I have ever trusted to share the dates in advance was a poster on the mycoupons.com LWIF forum, as she was shown to be right again and again. But, I haven't been to mycoupons in a long time, and have heard she hasn't been posting lately.


alifmp, could you tell me where you got the dates from? prdnme on mycoupons never said, but she was always dead on.

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Last year toys followed a completely different schedule. Beorn has pretty much outgrown toys but from what I remember reading last year many Targets put their toys at 30% off on Chr-stmas Eve.


I believe the 50% off markdown happened mid-January and 75% off was late January/early February. But since it is a departmental markdown, and not a holiday/seasonal one, it is much harder to predict.


BTW, welcome to gottadeal.com, mdsmithers!

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