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Notification Feature Request


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I think a great feature would be to have some type of "enter wishlist items".


Then if an item on our wishlist is ever posted as a deal, it will send us an e-mail.


We could also get specific, we could specify a price we would pay for a specific item.


A good example of how this would work is if I wanted to purchase a graphics card within the next few months. I decide to put Graphics/Video Card in my wishlist, and when a deal is posted for a Graphics/Video Card, I will receive an e-mail.


You could even charge a fee for this service.. Something like $5/month for up to 15 products...?

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Good suggestion Bobby.


As the site is designed now, every deal is assigned a general category (such as video cards, hard drives, cell phones, mp3 players, etc...) so if those general categories were acceptable, we could easily implement something like that.


We have no specific database field for price, mostly because not every deal we post is for one specific item with one specific price - we post a lot of deals for special sales, new coupons, more than one item, etc... so doing it by price would not be easy.


Another option would be to let you enter one or two "keywords" that must appear either in the title or description to trigger the alert.


I could code something like our daily newsletter: You enter your e-mail and what category you want to "subscribe to". You then confirm the subscription via a confirmation link (to prevent spam problems). Then whenever we post a new deal, it checks to see who, if anyone, is subscribed for that category and e-mails them with a link to the deal. Every e-mail would have a unique "cancellation" link once you no longer need the updates.


Before we implement it, we need more feedback, so anyone else who is interested in something like this, reply here. Cause I sure aint doing it for Bobby alone, lol. :)

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