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Delphi SKYFi XM Satellite Radio Receiver - $64.98 - XMFanStore


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<a href="http://www.xmfanstore.com/showproduct.php?id=skyfi" target="_blank"><img src="http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0002GTNG4.01-A26DGNLYH7VOU8.MZZZZZZZ.jpg" border="0"></a><br /><br />Extremely low price - XMFanStore.com, an authorized Delphi dealer, has the popular Delphi SKYFi XM Satellite Radio Receiver for just $64.98. Shipping is only around $5.<br /><br />Delphi's SKYFi system makes it easy for you to enjoy the endless programming variety of XM Satellite Radio at home and on the road! It all starts with the ingenious SKYFi add-on tuner, which features an exclusive five-line display (with adjustable font size) that shows song title, artist, and channel information. The sleek tuner is compact, making it easy for you transfer it from car to home.<br /><br /><a href="http://www.xmfanstore.com/showproduct.php?id=skyfi" target="_blank">Delphi SKYFi XM Satellite Radio Receiver - $64.98 - XMFanStore</a><br /><br /><b>Discuss the deal in this thread.</b>
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Is this like Sirius where you have to buy the tuner and the car/home kit separately?


Edit: Apparantly it is.


With my luck the week after I buy one of these things, I'll get a job 10 minutes from my house.


Dang it all, I was thinking about signing up so I'd be able to hear Opie & Anthony when they start in October, but they're going to be on an XM "premium" channel that they charge you $2 a month for. Bleh. :rant:

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The new SKYFi 2, which is supposed to be released in time for the holidays (but knowing Delphi - who I used to work for - that's not set in stone), has the same functionality as this current model plus:


- TiVo-type functionality - 30 minute buffer records the last 30 minutes of whatever channels you listened to - pause, rewind, etc..

- new ticker with stock quotes and sports scores

- supposedly a better screen that is easier to read in sunlight

- clock

- "Tune Select" which notifies you of your favorite songs / artists on other channels

- integrated FM modulator (if you can't use a direct connection to your stereo)


The good thing is that the SKYFi 2 will work with all the existing home kits, car kits, and boomboxes.


So if you are thinking of XM, you could always get this version now, with whatever kits you need and then eBay it when the new version comes out if you want the latest and greatest. Having had my SKYFi for almost 2 years, I can't wait for the new model.



Is this like Sirius where you have to buy the tuner and the car/home kit separately?


If you want the SKYFi you have to buy the kits. You can always look at the Roady 2 model which requires no extra equipment.


Personally I use it more at home than I do in the car. I have it hooked up near my PC to my Klipsch 2.1 speakers and it great to have on while I am working on the PC. Best $10 I spend every month :)

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For the SKYFi, there is only this home kit:




which is fine if you are going to hook it up to your stereo, PC or speakers. Otherwise there are 2 boomboxes as well.


So you could buy that home kit from Amazon and the receiver from XMFanStore for around $130 shipped - which is what the receiver alone sold for a few months ago. Then your service is $10/mo. No contract to sign, unless you want to get discounted rates by pre-paying for multi-year plans (which have no obligation - cancel anytime and get a prorated refund):


Multi-Year Package Price Savings Discount Monthly Rate

5 year package $499.99 $99.41 16% $8.33

4 year package $410.99 $68.53 14% $8.56

3 year package $314.99 $44.65 12% $8.75

2 year package $214.99 $24.77 10% $8.96

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Brad, thanks for the info. The SKYFi 2 sounds sweet. Tune Select, sports scores, and the integrated FM Modulator all sound like features I would definitely want and the buffer would be cool as well. :)

I totally agree. The 30 minute buffer would be very useful if you were listening to something in your vehicle (live concert, game, talk show, etc...) and had to stop to run in a store or something. Just pause it and resume when you get back :)


The integrated FM mod is nice if you can't get a direct hookup to your stereo. I use my SKYFi so much that I just went and replaced the factory head unit with a Pioneer and now have the SKYFi directly connected via the aux. input. With the FM mod, all you would have is the power cable to connect.


If Delphi can get it out in time for the holidays they would have a huge seller. Christmas Day is traditionally the one day out of the year that they get the most activations.

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