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perfume.com -- coupon codes (10 & 15% off or free shipping)


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All of these are still working (tested) as of 2/2/06

"CUPIDSAVES" - 10% off, Exp. 2/14

"AFTERXMAS" -- free shipping on $30+ orders

"MYXMASGIFT" -- Free shipping and $5 off $50+. Exp 12/27 (Mypoints) Thanks Scot26505

"MYXMASSHIP" -- Free Shipping on $30+. Exp 12/27 (Mypoints) Thanks Scot26505

"MYP15" -- 15% off SELECT items, D&G Light Blue for example Exp Unknown (Mypoints)

"MYP10" -- 10% off (Mypoints) Exp. Unknown (MyPoints)

"SAVE2006" -- 10% off (emailed) Exp. Unknown

** All of these codes are working as of 12/21/05


Note the "MYP10" and "MYP15" can also be used with MyPoints

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Here are some new codes for Perfume.com -- they will work at least through 12/27/05. I got them from MyPoints.


Orders over $50 - Free Shipping and $5 off



Orders over $30 - Free Shipping



WOW - now I've made my first post!!!

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