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Need a good QUALITY laptop (pc not mac) Where do I start?

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I buy nothing buy Dell, When I have a problem if they can't diagnose on the phone, a tech is at my house the next day. I have tried others, and got so mad I threw the phone. Dell is the only one with A1 customer service. THey came to my house twice this year and put a motherboard in my computer the first time and a new ethernet port in the second time. the tech didn't believe it was the ethernet port although I told him my internet provider said it was since they gave me 3 new routers and I still had internet service only sporadically. Since it worked wihile the tech was here, he refused to replace it. A week later and 3 more calls to Dell, he was ordered to return and I told him he was replacing it whether he liked it or not since my internet provider obviously new more than he did. Apparently a lightning strike can knock them loose. He didn't believe it at first. He was proven wrong.
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I used to be very pro Asus, but I don't know what they are doing different lately, we've had 3 go out on us in 2 years. Hard drive in 2 and battery/power issues on all 3. One stopped accepting power in the first week! The other 2 the batteries went out (same 2 the hard drives fried on).
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