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Target scanned ad?!?!


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Can anyone read the fine print on the bottom? I asked about a price adjusment and raincheck and they said as long as the bottom of the paper doesn't say they can't.


I didn't know what they meant until I got my Menards paper today which states at the bottom that they will NOT give out rainchecks or price adjust.


I am getting ready to go to Target to get the video chairs and want to make sure I am not waisting my time.


Thanks to everyone and anyone who can help read the fine print.

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I just tried to check it- man that is tough to make out with the zoom! LOL


It looks to say NOTHING about price matching!!!! It talks about gift cards, price cut items, limited quanities etc....


Have you seen the chairs in person yet?

Yes, I have. I had my 2 little ones sit on them yesterday.


Thanks, I thought I could make out hours vary but I didn't think I could make out anything that looked like price adjustment or raincheck. On the Menards papr it is clear as day and I can even read it on the scanned ad here.



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