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$7 off coupon for Peter Pan blu-ray from Scott Products (exp. Feb 8th)


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Scott Brand Products (paper towels and such) are offering a $7 off coupon to use on Disney's Peter Pan Blu-ray (Feb 5th). Go to the link below and sign-up. Then get a special code to use on Disney Movie Rewards website to claim your coupon. Print it out and take it to your favorite store to purchase. This can not be combined with any other coupon. Coupon expires Feb 8th, 2013.



Scott Brand Link



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Glad it helped. I'm always looking for coupons for the Disney movies on Blu-ray. I usually do the Amazon pre-order to get a pretty good price. I'm disappointed that Amazon did not have a coupon for the upcoming Hunchback of Notre Dame and Mulan (I/II) blu-ray sets as they did last year with the pre-order of Pocahontas and the Rescuers (I/II). I got those for $14.99 each after the coupon. It's hard to get Disney blu-rays much cheaper (though I did get Bambi for $6 ;)). Hopefully we will find coupons for the upcoming releases.
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