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Where the hell is search at?


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Near the top right hand corner in each forum there is a "Search this Forum" text, you click on that and it brings down a drop down menu. In threads, there is a "Search this Thread" text and same as above, click on it and a drop down menu to input your text.


Now, if you just want to use the basic search over the whole site or do a more advanced search, go up towards the right hand side and under where it says, "Welcome, warriorjoe7. You last visited:..." under that is a "Search" with an arrow pointing down. Click on that and you can input your text or click on "Advanced Search".


If you still cannot find it, please reply! :D

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Ross - Is it possible his is condensed because he has a smaller resolution? That's the only thing I can think of?!


For now warriorjoe, you can click on my "Advanced Search" link above and use that. But that's odd you don't have it, I am sure admin can figure it out though. :)

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OK someone just fixed it for me when I hit refresh... ummm thanks... I am a very very new user and that probably had soemthing to do with it... thanks for the link though


pasted now says


User CP GottaPoints Members List Chat Member Pages New Posts Search Quick Links Log Out

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