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Looking for a vcr.


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Yep, I'm looking for a decent vcr. That's what I want for christmas. I have boxes of vcr tapes and I at least want to watch them one more time before I throw them away. I'd like to put them on a dvd but I need one that I can record parts of the vcr tape. (I have a few years of dance review and I don't want to record the whole, just my dd). Do they still make a decent vcr?
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To put them on dvd you have to have a dvd recorder, they run 150. Dont buy the Magnavox everyone carries. They are made by some Funaii corp and wont last. I bought an awesome Panasonic one this summer from Amazom for 139, regular 250, it was an open box return. I love it. Even has an sd slot and I can record my dishnetwork while watching something else because it has tuner whicch most dont.Keep in mind you cant dub copyrighted movies, only home movies with the same combo. To dub copyrighted movies it takes a separate vcr. I have 40 dvd's of home movies done so far. It makes me dizzy watching them play whike recording. 20 years worth. So nice tho. My youngest is 15 and oldest 27
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