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NEED WII REMOTES, traditional are fine

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We had FOUR normal wii remotes, bought over 5 years ago, slowly they have all begun to have problems, we only have 1 now that works correctly and one more that works 1/2 the time. I want to pick up new ones any place(s) I can find these/ look for a great deal on these asap? Thanks


Someone selling them for $23.xx on Amazon, but got very bad reviews, many people say the remotes he is selling are not good..

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Oh, I know it seems strange, but I got my daughter 2 of them last year in games that she had no interest in (One was Fling Smash, but I don't remember the other) because it was cheaper than buying her the WiiMotes. I think the game was either $15 or $19. Maybe find something like that again this year?
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