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kids slippers


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Rite Aid and Walgeens will have 'As seen on tv' items BOGO on BF (check dates, it might be Thurs.). At Rite aid you can mix and match with other items, I not sure about Walgreens.


Note: Stompeez aren't pictured in either ad but they do have the 'As seen on tv' label on the box.

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DS got a pair of these for his 6th birthday. He'd seen the commercial and thought they were interesting, but he wasn't asking for them. He likes them. They are way overpriced at $20 and they don't work nearly as well as advertised, but they are cute and my kids think they work OK. If your daughter really wants these I say go for it. You have to step in just the right place to make them pop open, but that no deal breaker according to my kids.
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Just found this on their FB page, The All-Blue Puppies are here! You can now order ALL sizes of All-Blue Puppies at www.stompeez.com. And remember to enter promo code STOMP5 to save $5 at checkout!


On there as well, was an offer for all the slippers. Here is a copy of mine

To redeem your offer now, visit http://www.stompeezclub.com and enter SLIPPER when you check out.

For instructions about how to redeem your offer by 31 December 2012, check the email Facebook sent to [email protected].

Your name and email address haven't been shared with Stompeez.


*Note, they wont show the discount until they charge your card. :)

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Careful when ordering from Stompeez...last Christmas I ordered 9 pair for Grandchildren (ordered in October) thinking plenty of time to recieve them.After the delivery date came and went i called and was told they would be here BY Christmas Eve....I never revieved them made lots of calls and always the same answer.Took me until February to get credit worked out.....this year I have been buying them from Amazon and CVS (used my bonus bucks).
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