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DS6 is asking for a robot this year. He didn't see one that he wants, he just wants one. All I can think of is Transformers, but I don't think that's what he wants. I asked him what the robot should do. He would love one that does everything: walks, talks, cleans his room... pretty much everything you would expect from a syfy movie robot, lol! That said, I think he would be happy with a robot that does something, anything. If he can build it or program it, or control it in some way I think he would be happy. The one thing he wouldn't like is a stationary model.


Does anyone know of any robots out there? Or maybe a robotics kit?

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Here's an Alphie:




A friend had one when we were kids and I was jealous. lol The next year I got a robot that was remote control that could record voices. :( Not the same. If my kids weren't to old for Alphie I'd get one.


Here's one that shoots stuff:





Edit to Add:

I didn't see that your son is 6. He might be to old for it. There are booster packs of cards for it though.

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