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Upcoming Kohls.com outages...


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Just got this e-mail from Kohl's:


Summary of expected outages this weekend:


1) Friday 10/12 starting at 11pm CST until Saturday 10/13 around 6am CST

2) Sunday 10/14 evening until Monday 10/15 morning, perhaps extending until Tuesday 10/16


They "will be experiencing site upgrades" and apparently they can't be done without taking the site down for extended periods of time... :rolleyes:


Just thought I'd share in case anyone was thinking of shopping on their site this weekend.

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Got this in an e-mail:


So... the main question is, what did we get with this upgrade?


Kohls.com now features Guided Navigation! Your users will now be able to browse quickly within the categories, narrowing down their selections based on a variety of selections (color, brand, sizes, etc). In addition, you will find a cleaner look, especially calling out promos and holiday specials at the top of the page!


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