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Monster High Dolls

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DH's friend's daughter is asking for some Monster High Dolls for Christmas, and I'm not having much luck finding them for him at a decent price. Anyone have any idea to where I could be looking for:


Ghoulia Yelps with pet

Toralei with pet

Holt Hyde with pet

Gil Webber Skull Shores

Clawdeen and Howleen 2 pack set.


I checked Amazon and Ebay and most of them are just soooooo expensive. Anyone heard anything about new releases before Christmas this year? TIA.

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Target had yelps with pet last time I was there

Thanks, so much. I'll check Target. They are showing that some of the other ones are in stock in my store, too. Maybe they will actually have em. It's usually about 50/50 chance online stock check is correct.


Last time I was a TRU they had a lot but I always think they are a little high too. I know my son was on the search for one for his niece and found it there.

Thanks, I will check TRU. They do usually have a pretty good size inventory. It's a little more than the other stores, but sometimes it's just easier than running around to find them.


I didn't expect to hear people saying they were still seeing these dolls instore considering they have gone so expensive online.

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I haven't seen Holt or Gil in stores for 6 months or more, at this point it will be 3rd party sellers selling them at a significant markup. It's disappointing that Mattel is not continually releasing more of the male dolls. My daughter only has about 4 males and she is often complaining she doesn't have enough boyfriends for all the girls.
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Yeah, thanks for the info. I have looked just about everywhere. I knew Ghoulia was a couple years old because I bought her for my cousins daughter for her birthday that year. Toralei was brought out not long before Christmas last year. I bought her for Christmas for same girl. It looks like the 2 pack came out in February of this year (prob why it's not to terribly expensive, yet). I have found the 2 pack for around $50.00 online The Holt and Gil are going for around $125.00 each on Amazon, with Ghoulia and Toralei around $89.00 each. I don't think he's gonna want to pay out this kinda money in dolls. Anyone know if there are any new ones scheduled for release between now and Christmas?
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Mattel.com still has the Monster High dolls your looking for. Also Target is getting ready to put Monster High dolls on sale. They are caring Target ONLY dolls.

I did check with Mattel.com, but they are all out of stock. I also called them and was told all the dolls I am looking for are still be made, so I will keep checking with Target. Thanks for the info.

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Check your WalMart stores. Last week one of the storesr me (central AR) had them anywhere from $20 up, And accessories anywhere from $10 to over $60. Oh, and don't-cha-luv WalMart's "logic": :D That same store also had more MH dolls in the HALLOWEEN COSTUME ASILE! :shock:



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