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Last night CNBC had a brand new one hour documentary on Best Buy and it was great. They have tons of interviews with Brian Dunn who is Best Buy's CEO. He is one of the most open CEO's out there and gives CNBC alot of access. If you do miss Black Friday you can relive it as the documentary opens up with this years Black Friday. The CEO also addresses the early openings this year.


Below is the webpage for the show and times when it will be on THIS WEEKEND. This is a must watch.




Saturday 3AM ET


Saturday 8pm ET


Saturday 11pm ET

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No.......Here is a show flow on the topics they cover


Open show with Black Friday 2011 and CEO talked about being forced to open early


History of Best Buy and current/future challenges


Interview from Circuit City's former CEO


History of Geek Squad and Geek Squad repair center in the south


BB being Amazon's show room and price shopping with smartphone


BB in China


The show ends

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Almost seemed like a paid-for spot. A lot of people on Consumerist agreed...



They do need it there were ALOT of VERY angry ppl after they screw up on BF..... It it was about that disaster I would have watched but ..... They willl never have my business again ( even if Ii didn't get anything on BF )... It is the trust issue.

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