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On a roll here, who's next line...Walmart


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Of the four things that I tried to purchase this holiday season from Walmart.com site to store (same day pickup) all of them were a failure. I tried to do the same day site to store pickup and it confirmed all orders and then cancelled them after an hour saying they weren't available in the store. Wouldn't it make sense for them to confirm availability in the store when I place the order in the first place? Then you have to wait a week for them to refund you. I would understand if this only happened one time, but every one of my orders, something is wrong.


BTW: I have never had a problem with the regular site to store, but the same day site to store has never worked for me. Anyone else had this problem?

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I waited in line for over 3 hours to pickup the t.v. I ordered online on B.F. It was completely chaotic...angry customers, clueless management, over 30 trucks parked in the lot waiting to be unloaded, not have enough "manpower" to unload the trucks, and no place to store the unloaded items in the store. NEVER AGAIN....I will pay to have stuff shipped to my house!
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