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Holiday Clearance


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well I've been to several Walmarts and they are still at 75% nothing I would really want but I can't believe they have not marked it down to 90%

Lol-that's crazy!

How long will they keep it around?

All our WMs were cleared out pretty quickly.

As much as I love Christmas,I am not even thinking about it anymore tbh.

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Ours still has RACKS of Christmas clothes...most have stickers so it isnt even across the board 75%....I dont mean like the fancy dresses etc but the "dear santa I can explain" tshirts....


Honestly,they should be lucky to be getting a buck for these items.

It's February and the focus is on Valentine's Day!

I've seen Easter things out so Christmas is in the rear view mirror for most shoppers,IMO.

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