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Best deal on a dsi, 3d ds, or ds xl?

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By any chance is this online, or only in store? Thanks!


EDIT TO ADD: Looks like I found a similar bundle online, but no longer available. Also it is the pink one, so my son would for sure be not as thrilled. LOL


I got one today at Walmart... $169 but u get a Walmart gift card for $40 bringing it down to $129. It also came with the nintendogs game. Today is the last day on that sale but the best I've found so far.

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Just wanted to say thanks for posting this deal - I ended up going to Walmart last night and picking up 3DS for $169 and getting the $40 gift card. They didn't have any sale tags up, and the cashier in electronics hadn't known about it. I used that $40 card at the front registers to help with my other items. :)
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