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12 Candy Cane Roses w/ Free Vase & Chocolates - $23.99 ($50) @ ProFlowers.com


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12 Candy Cane Roses w/ Free Vase & Chocolates

Item # 30045499


Was $49.99

Sale $29.99

Now $23.99 After 20% Off Discount


Free Vase is the 'Glass Ginger' one, and not the red one they show in the image, by the way.


Includes one dozen red and white Ecuadorian roses accented with baby’s breath


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Is there a code for the 20%? I was looking at something else too.


When I click the link it shows up automatically with the discount.


:duh: me! lol You want something else too. lol I think it's a 20% off $39.99 discount, so I'm assuming, but if you ordered these and something else I would think the other item/s would also be 20% off. hth

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has anyone placed an order? Are there delivery fees on top? I'm trying to get my brother the best bang for his buck.


UPDATE: ProFlowers charges 9.99-14.99 and TeleFlora charges 14.99 flat fee. This is before and add ons for date requested (if extra). I may try calling local places and pick up myself or see if my rewards places offer better discounts or free delivery

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started an order earlier & got interrupted. Just went back to finish and they're trying to charge me $49.95 :eyepoppin yeouch

I wonder if it is because of the time... maybe missed the cutoff for regular delivery? I started an order this morning for $20 and now it is up to $32.

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