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For Those Who Don't Know Target's Return Policy


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I just wanted to post this because I know last year having to return items to target without a receipt about near killed me with stress. I was 9 mo pg and about to deliver and I just wanted to do an exchange of some items we were gifted that weren't needed and they told me I had already used my 2 returns without a receipt on Dec 19 or last yr. It was dec 18, 1 day before the year started over for me and they still wouldn't budge. I called corporate and was informed that you can return without a receipt but that you need to just exchange one item for another item of equal or greater value. Like today I had 3 books and I got 3 items greater then the value of those 3 books. They used to do it only by dept so if it was purchased in kids clothes it had to be another kids clothing item. Now it doesn't appear to be that way. So if you have to return something without a receipt and target ever gives you problems tell them you can do an even exchange for another item of equal or greater value without a store credit. Just fyi!
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