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Which store would you pick a free gift card from?


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I have enough points on my credit card to get a free $50 gift card :gd_orange


Here's the dilemma:

Walmart is not available for the free gift card. :( (That would be my first choice!!:) )


Quite a few of the other stores posted here are (Best Buy, Circuit City, Compusa, JCPennys, Kohls, Target, KMart, etc.).


If I don't order it now, I won't have it in time for BF.


I can't decide which one to choose!! No one really has anything that really standing out to me right now.



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If I want to use it BF, I have to get it now. They usually take over a week to send them. :(

Well then my vote is for Target. Last year they had some good buys on DVD sets...hopin they are better this year.


Editing to note: Please let us know which one you decide on and why.

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