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Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Home Software $19.99 ac/rebate Tigerdirect


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Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Home Software - Speech Recognition Software, DVD-ROM Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 Support, OEM


List Price: $99.99

Instant Savings: - $40.00

Price: $59.99

Less Rebate: - $20.00 (rebate link http://static.highspeedbackbone.net/rebates/NC-5062%20and%20NC-5063.pdf)




Final Price: $39.99*


use code to get another $20 off TBARGAINS004


so $19.99 after codes and rebate (shipping $2.29 for me)





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I had v9.0 with this in 07/08 appx. I loved this software! I could speak; it'd type. I used it for online college classes. You still have to read/through or double check your work; however, I always do - so it didn't really add time.

I would suggest this as a gift for a college student, a soon-to-be one; Artistic talents would like this for authoring books, the poets, song writers. I could see a High School student liking this.


Nice deal, btw!

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We had been asking for this for my son's school--and they finally got it. We have it at home. He has autism and comes up with some brilliant things to talk/write about, but he has trouble getting his thoughts from his mind to paper and his fine motor skill issues don't help. They are looking to use it more for those with certain disabilities.
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Yes, shortness! It is a wonderful program for children with disabilites. Any child who has difficulty with writing....either due to motor difficulties or the process of writing the thoughts on paper (dyslexia/dysgraphia)....often can benefit greatly from this program. I am so happy to hear your son's school is cooperating. Great parenting!!!! :)
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