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I so love this place


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This is like the BEST message board ive ever been a part of.. theres no arguements..its just FUN and everyone is excited about the same things.. I wish there were boards like this all year around:wub:

I joined at this time last year...and I can say there are NO other boards like this one.
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I just joined and I'm never leaving you'll have to get rid of the site to get rid of me lol I'm so cheap I squeak If it's not on sale or clearance or I don't have a coupon for it I won't buy it unless I really really have to.

I know what you mean. Whenever we go grocery shopping here's what we do:


What groceries are on sale?

Which manufacturer coupons do we have?

Are there any store coupons or discounts?

Some stores such as Albertsons accept competitors coupons including DOUBLE COUPONS.


We're 100% hard core hot dealers :lolrun:

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Every place is more addiciting than the last "room" I left!! I can't seem to get outta here!! HAH AH. :gd_not_ri

I guess not, LOL!


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;) You're posting more than me! (44.0 posts per day).

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