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Is it possible to find an xbox 360 after BF for about the same price?

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I was helping a friend find an xbox 360 for BF. When it was time for the sales to go live their internet started acting up. They were looking at the one from Toys R Us with the Kinect for $199. Does anyone know of any deals that are comparable in price? I tried searching but am having no luck. Even if it was a little more expensive and had like a game or extra controller with it, that would be ok.


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Keep an eye on Amazon, my mom now tells me she wants a PS3 deal ....not ONE but TWO..:eek: I got one just because on Target.com and could have gotten the preordered Amazon one...but she tells me NOW?? LOL Crazy Woman...Amazon seems to be xbox crazy this year...haven't seen much with Ps3 so you are in more luck then me :)

Target is doing a PS3 bundle this week with the move.

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