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$10 CVS gift cards - earn up to 5 per week - How to video


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I'm interested to know too. I thought that you had to buy $30 worth of stuff and more specifically all of it had to be 'gift card eligible'. Do tell if that's not the case. It's a cool promotion, but nothing makes me crabbier than wandering around CVS trying to figure out what overpriced item I "need" to make it worth my while to take advantage of their latest promotion/coupons. I've spent way too many minutes of my life plotting out my CVS trips to make sure that what I'm buying is something that A. is a good price and B. a purchase that can be used wisely to take advantage of xtra care bucks or coupons.


It can be very worth it or just plain MADDENING!! LOL...

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Okay, did my first gift card deal today. Been OUT of Diet Coke for a WEEK and really needed some. Our newspaper had coupons today on a big full page colored ad: 1 was for $5 off a $20 purchase and the other was $3 off 3 -12 packs of coke products. They aren't on sale, per say, this week, but they are part of the $30 giftcard promo.


The ad price is $4 for each 12 pack-- waa hoo CVS, what a deal! Sorry for the sarcasm.


Anyway, amazingly I found coke tearpads for $1 off 2- 12 packs. I was stunned. I never find coupons for DC. So, I bought 6 12 packs of diet coke for $24 along with 3 bags of hersheys kisses (also part of the giftcard deal this week). Had a BOGO coupon for the kisses along with a $1 off 3 for the kisses. Also used my 3 tearpad coupons for the DC. Plus, when I scanned my card to check for store coupons, it spit out a $5 beauty bucks thing that I guess I must have earned from buying shampoo and hair products for my husband/kids??? I had no idea THAT was coming cause I don't buy makeup at CVS.


Before he started ringing my coupons, my total was $31.50. My final total was $12! And, I got a giftcard to CVS for $10.


I told him that it was my first time doing the giftcard thing, and that I sure hoped it worked! He was very nice and patient and took all my coupons without any problems.

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I was looking at my receipt from yesterday and it appears that the gift card items you buy 'roll over' from one week to the next. So, CVS tracks anything that you buy that is gift card eligible. There are 2 lines at the bottom of my receipt that says: Amount toward this reward and Amount needed to earn reward. I thought you had to buy your $30 worth of stuff in one transaction. That is really nice! I have $5.50 extra 'leftover' toward my buy $30 get a $10 card reward.


Most probably already know this, but I thought I'd post in case someone doesn't. I appreciate it the way it rolls over from one week to the next. Now I don't have to struggle to find unneeded "fillers" to get to a card. I can just wait until next week's ad to see if there is something I actually want or need.



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