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Need advice on Men's electric razor

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I want to buy my son his first electric razor. He doesn't have big bushy beard or anything.


I want to buy something affordable/dependable as I am not sure how well he'll care for it, etc. I would like some specific suggestions on

styles and brands that are good and if anyone saw a great deal in any of the BF ads already posted, please bring to my attention.


Also would like to hear what brands to steer clear of.


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well I have been doing alot of online reading and a few stops in the stores looking at these mens shavers/razors and boy am I disgusted. It seems I can find a few in the 25-40 dollar price range however they charge approx 25-30 dollars for the replacement heads, and I had decided I would buy a set of rep.heads when I got it so it wouldn't be an issue finding them in the near future. Apparently these companies would prefer you just pollute the planet some more and buy another razor?? I mean do I want replacement heads for 29 dollars or a whole new razor for about 35?

How crazy ridiculous. This is my son's first electric and I wanted it to be decent but not be too upset if he dropped and broke it.

Would love some advice please.

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My husband bought his at Costco - it's a Norelco, and I think it was nearly 100 bucks. He's gone through so many electrics, and this is the only one he's kept. You really do get what you pay for.

:eek: noooo I knew one of you was going to say that. I just can't spend that much, :no: and he is a little clumsy, I'd really be in a rage if he dropped/broke a 100.00 one...but thanks for your input

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Just updating--on Wednesday I went to Walmart and bought the Norelco 7310 for 27.97-- and in the days following have seen it in 2, black friday ads posted on Gottadeal, the cheapest deal being 26.97, well I only paid a dollar more, so I think I'll keep mine. So if anyone wanted that model, just go to Walmart NOW and buy it.


ALso it is advertised in THE CURRENT Sunday ad for Walgreens and it is MORE, I think 34 or 35 dollars.


I know there is a model up 7340 that's sale priced at 34.97 but I like the reviews for the one I decided on, plus it is 7 dollars less. Since it is his first razor, I wanted to keep the cost down, but soooooooooooo many have awful reviews, even more expensive ones, that it is a difficult choice to make.

thanks everyone.

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