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DB error ?


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Sometimes we copy previous deals (especially very popular ones) to get them back to the top of the home page without deleting the original deal, so it just uses the same forum thread.


I would have deleted the old deal when bumping but I have some Google Adwords ads running which link to that deal page and don't want problems with it no longer being available.

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Same explanation. If we bump a previous deal to the top of the home page, it gets a new ID#, so we can choose to either delete the old one or keep it in the archive. Usually if a deal is less than 4-5 days old, we'll delete the old one. Otherwise we keep it in there in case Google or Yahoo have already spidered the old page. That way people coming to the site get less 404 errors from deals that were deleted. It also keeps Google and Yahoo happy, and we need them happy to get new people to the site :)
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