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Secret Santa 2011 Official Discussion Thread


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A big thank you to my SS. As expected this was the only gift I did not buy myself and it was all spot on. My favorite candies are Peanut M&M's followed by Caramello's, not sure if that was included in my list. The mug is gorgeous and everyone had nothing but praise for it. The grinch stocking is beautiful and one I'd never seen before, I may have a large one in red/white somewhere. Ferrero Rocher's never go amiss and Bella loves her toy, she was even a little miffed when I took it away from her to take the pic. The vanilla stuff smells delightful, the nail file is much needed and the can cover is genius. We have some of the just cover ones but this one will be useful for drives up to disney when the driver needs a bit but not a canful to avoid stops :) Sorry the pics are blurry but my camera is impossible to get to and I didn't want to 1st use the new one I got my presents.


pic:My little rug Bella upset I took her toy away

pic1: Blurry pic of everything (i think)


The reading on the mug says:

"Three Wise Women..now that makes sense!"


They who are wise women

If there had been three wise women

they would have arrived three days early,

swept the stable, gathered fresh linens

and had a hot meal ready and waiting

when the Christ child arrived.


Yet they come today

bearing three priceless gifts...

Love, laughter & friendship!


Suzy Toronto


Thank you for making this a merry christmas, I was ready to kill my father yesterday. He rushes to the grocery store to buy not 1 but 2 bottles of wine for the mailman when we had already given him baked goods the day before AND YET he has not a single thing for my mother (or myself). When I asked if both bottles were for the mail carrier he blows a gasket and screams at me that I'm a grinch. So my mother yells at him that it's ok to yell at her BUT not me. I later explained to him that if we're giving neighbors and other acquaintances a bottle of wine with baked goods it makes no sense to give a total stranger 2 bottles then I wrapped both bottles and gave them to him. He set them by the inside of the door and never bothered to wait for mailman.


Later in the day he came to me asking if I had anything he could give my mom so I saddled him with the more expensive gift of the camera and wrapped it for him....we'll see if he pays me for it but she was going to have it anyhow so it's not like it matters.

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I just wanted to say a special thanks to my SS. AMAZING!!! I got 3 new Ann Rule books, a snowman mug set, nice handmande soaps, candle, emery board, pens, a wonderful irish carved sculpture (already went on my Irish shelf), makeup brush set, calendar, gingerbread pen set. She went way out of her way to indulge me on Christmas :fluffy: It was so nice to have gifts to open on Christmas Day.Once again thanks so much. You are wonderful! You made my day....


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

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Opened my SS package! My SS person did such a great job and took such care choosing just the right gifts and wrapping them so nicely. I received:


2 brain game picture puzzles books

James Patterson's newest Alex Cross book (so excited, was going to wait for the paper back to read!)

2 packs of Twizzlers

Box of Rocher

Bag of Reese's peanut butter cups (DD claimed it, lol)

Travel size BBW Dark Kiss lotion, mist, and shower gel (my favorite new BBW scent! DD says I use too much of it, lol)


Thank you so much!!! Everything was just perfect!


Merry Christmas!


Will post pictures later.

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Thank you so much to my SS. I got the following.


Rachel Ray DVD meal Preparation (Goes with my 14 pc Rachel ray cookware set and 2 sets of oven lovin 5 pc set from family)

Christmas CD relaxation music

Christina Dodd book (love her)

Set of 3 snowmen picture ornaments]

fuzzy socks for relaxin


One of the few gifts I didn't get for myself. It's all me. Merry Christmas.

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if you wanna see who your santa was


Secret Santa

Bopeep received from tokanm

bella_4624_19 received from jdrd90

bfaddict1977 DID NOT receive from bella_4624_19, received from elf, AndreaInNC

bugsette received from princez916

guilliam received from shaneberry21

Hack2222 received from bugsette

HarleyDiva received from Racerfan

Harrispizza4 received from Madi5

hockeyfanamo received from jstluvem

Hillbillyswife received from pretweety7

Illinoismom received from raven20_79

jstluvem received from SpeedDiva

Jendeere received from Hillbillyswife

jdrd90 received from Jendeere

jenvargas received from HarleyDiva

krissy72 received from merrywether

Lori76 received from Illinoismom

Lvnlakers78 received from sunni0913

Madi5 received from Hack2222

merrywether received from Lvnlakers78

momlori received from Lori76

mgmckny received from nikkilugi

momof3luvs1 received from guilliam

mcapel4444 received from momlori

nikkilugi received from rsthayer

packergurl24 received from SuggaD

pretweety7 received from tinkrbel

pogiporkchop received from Bopeep

Pottsie66 received from pogiporkchop

Peekaboo received from jenvargas

princez916 received from Harrispizza4

Racerfan received from mcapel4444

RBWilliams received from momof3luvs1

rsthayer received from Peekaboo

raven20_79 received from Pottsie66

RYKA received from bfaddict1977

SuggaD received from RBWilliams

Shopping4my3son received from RYKA

SpeedDiva received from mgmckny

shaneberry21 received from krissy72

Spice9195 received from Shopping4my3son

sunni0913 received from Spice9195

tinkrbel received from hockeyfanamo

tokanm received from packergurl24



Ornament Exchange

BFAddict716 received from guilliam

Bopeep received from Illinoismom

guilliam received from hockeyfanamo

hockeyfanamo received from pogiporkchop

Hillbillyswife received from Swampbaby

HarleyDiva received from princez916

Harrispizza4 received from nikkilugi

Illinoismom received from sunni0913

jdrd90 received from Racerfan

Jendeere received from mcapel4444

jstluvem received from Bopeep

jenvargas received from shaneberry21

krissy72 received from mgmckny

lot-narth received from Madi5

Lvnlakers78 received from krissy72

Madi5 received from merrywether

mcapel4444 received from Lvnlakers78

merrywether received from Harrispizza4

mgmckny received from packergurl24

Mandy4Matt received from rsthayer

nikkilugi received from SuggaD

princez916 received from BFAddict716

pogiporkchop received from Shopping4my3son

packergurl24 received from Jendeere

Racerfan received from Mandy4Matt

rsthayer received from RBWilliams

RBWilliams received from tokanm

Swampbaby received from lot-narth

Shopping4my3son received from HarleyDiva

SuggaD received from Hillbillyswife

shaneberry21 received from jstluvem

sunni0913 received from jenvargas

tokanm received from jdrd90



i wrote it up real fast this am, hope its all correct, if not lmk ill fix it :)

hagd and a happy new year!

stay safe

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mcapel4444 thank you so much for my SS gifts. I am sitting here reading the book. We loved everything.


Mandy4Matt thank you for the beautiful Yorkshire Terrier ornament it has a place of honor on my tree in memory of my Rafi. I think it will be out all year on my fireplace mantel. We all love it.

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Thank you madi5 and nikkilugi for everything you sent! I love it all and I'll have some great memories with my onraments! I hope everyone had a great time and I hope my ladies got the extra Swiss Colony I sent them this week! :) Thanks so much Eve for all your hard work again this year!

A big thank you to my SS and OE, Lvnlakers78 and harrispizza4!!! I love everything!!! And harrispizza4, yep I got your little extra surprise! Good thing I read your little note on the package...I was confused at first...why am I getting this package??? I didn't order Swiss Colony!? Lol!! Very yummy:) Thank you so much!

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Thank you Harrispizza4 and BFAddict716!! I loved everything! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to shop for me, it's much appreciated. Harrispizza4, thanks for the extra surprise :yup: I hope you two had a wonderful Christmas and hope the new year gives you everything you hope for. :)
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Sorry I am late but I want to thank Jendeere for my awesome ss gifts! Everything was wonderful and very much appreciated :) Thanks to Racerfan for my adorable snowman ornament and my Guardian Angel. I hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
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No pictures but wanted to thank my SS for everything. It was amazing. Could not wait to cuddle under the blanket with the candy (yum). You really went above and beyond and there are no words to say how much your package meant to me. Thank you again.
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Big thanks going out to merrywether and mgmckny for all my ss and oe gifts. Merrywether, did you make that "Be the person your dog thinks you are" picture? We love that!!

Yep I did. :) When you put that you loved your dog...I immediately thought of stitching that up for you. Glad you like it.

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