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My DS and DD have informed me that they each want a Graphic Tablet for Christmas this year. Until they told me this, I had never heard of one. My DS informed me that they cost $1000, but my DD said they cost about $100. I googled them and Walmart & Amazon have them for under $60. I know nothing about them and want to make sure that they will work with our desktop, laptop and netbook that we have. Can anybody tell me anything about them? What to look for or make sure they have, price, is there something better out there for them, etc? TIA!
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The Wacom tablets are nice. They make a wide variety of tablets in many price points.


This might be a good starter tablet for your son.


Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet $159.99



The Intuos4 by Wacom is nice and more expensive, but it's more professional grade. It comes in a few different sizes. The medium sized wired tablet on Amazon is $339.99 The wireless is $346.99





The Inkling by Wacom is very cool, but I'm not sure if it'll work well for his needs. It looks like it's just for sketching. It's $199 and will be available in mid September.




On Wacom's site.







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Thank you so much, my DD said that the Wacom brand is the one that she wants, DS is not sure, needs to look at them and do a hands-on to

decide!!! I will go on the sites and look them over. I'm glad they told me this so early so I have time to shop and budget!

Is this an item that could be a Black Friday deal?

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