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Questions about Gottadeal.com (History)


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Answers in red.


  • When did Gottadeal start?

    A couple of years ago...

  • Membership milemarkers?

    Brad's coming up with a State of GD sometime soon - keep an eye out for it.

  • The GottaDealers I've encounted have all been super nice. Has anyone ever been banned? Reason? (trolling, spamming, etc.)

    Lots of users have been banned for the reasons you stated above.

  • Does anyone have someone else on their ignore list?

    None for me, and I don't think anyone else has a reason to have someone on their list/s. :)

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GD launched as a deal site 1/1/04. The forum opened 6/1/04 with just the deal-related forums - the others were added over time as need necessitated them.


As far as I can remember, we`ve really only banned people for spamming. We are pretty good about ignoring the trolls and most go away quickly.


As Ray said I`ll have a "State of GD" thread soon just to highlight all of the new stuff and all the new people on the site over the last month. That should let newbies like you Marcster catch up on things a little more. It won't be a thread with new rules or anything - just a chance to provide an update on everything :)

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