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I can't log out


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have you hit SIGN OUT and cleared out your cache and cookies and all that jazz? That might do something with it.

Yes, I click log out then a box pops up and asks "Are you sure you want to log out?", I click okay, vBulletin pops up and says "cookies are cleared" but it still doesn't log out. And........when I go to the main page and click sign in it automatically comes up in my name with no option to change. And......if I click register from the main page it tells me I'm already registered as jmjohnson. I click log out again and the cycle starts all over again. My SIL has really gotten into this site the past few weeks and I think she is going to pull her hair out if she can't log back on under her username. She referred me and I went ahead and registered while I was at her house and now I feel really bad because my username is stuck on her computer.:3paperbag

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It's more than likely a cookies problem. Hit sign out.. BUT then, if you have IE (do you?), go up to Tools>Internet Options and push the button for "Delete Cookies". Then try rebooting the PC as well, just for good measure. ;)

WOOHOO!!! Thanks alimfp, my SIL is out and I'm back in. Worked like a charm.:gd_not_ri

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