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easter supplys..

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we live in a small town and the only place to shop is walmart and it is 45 miles away. I am looking for a good place online I can order easter goodies for my kids that is different then walmart. orental trading has neat stuff but u have to order so much of each item. I have 3 kids I do not need 12 of every thing... TY
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I haven't looked but have you tried Walgreens, CVS or Drugstore online shops? There is also online shops that are like dollar stores (Dollar Days is one I think). Also with Oriental trading, if you find some good codes, maybe buying 12 of something is alright if you can use them as fillers on birthday gifts to other kids, stocking stuffers or maybe Toys for Tots or donate to their teachers (if teachers give out treats). Maybe there is a friend you could split an order with?
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