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K-Mart Super Double Coupons 1/30-2/5


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This time they are limiting it to 5 coupons per day again, but they have added on the additional requirement that you must purchase $25 or more in grocery & drugstore merchandise to be able to double your coupons.


Every time they do it they change their terms a little to make it a little more difficult; first it was unlimited coupons per day, then 10, then 5, now 5 but you have to spend at least $25... They want to advertise "super double coupons" but make it so that it's really difficult to actually get your purchase free. I used to do well on weeks when they had 10 per day limits.


I will go there tomorrow and post what I get and how much I spent.

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I purchased the $2 (x2) oreo's and the $1.88 (x4) crackers to get my total to over $25 & because they weren't a bad price and we will use them (the 2nd pack of oreos is almost gone already)


The large can of garden mist scent lysol was $2.99 (only that particular scent was on sale) and $1 coupon doubled making it $0.99 for the largest size can


Hartz cat treats are $1.99 and with $1 coupon doubled are free, and Hartz dog treats are $3.99 and with the $2 coupon doubled are free


Celestial Seasonings tea is $2.99 and with $1 coupon doubled was $0.99 a box so I got 2 since we were out of tea


Total for 2 boxes of Ritz, 2 boxes of Triscuits, 2 packs of Oreos, 2 boxes of tea, a box of dog biscuits and a pack of cat treats, and a large can of lysol came to $13.65 after coupons. Not great, but not bad... I may go again tomorrow.

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I had to go through hell yesterday to get 5 $2.00 coupons doubled. I scored some deals, enough to spend $25 in grocery/drug, and still, the coupons would not double. They rebooted their computers at checkout, still wouldn't work. Ugh. They had to take everything out of my already packed bags and redo it all. lol

Then, they had to manually take off the money. Took a while, but got my deals. lol


I miss the days when they had this deal with no terms.

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