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Deal Find: Windows XP Pro


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I am just shooting this out in the air for anyone to comment. I need copies of Windows XP Pro every once in a while. One or two every month. I have been getting them from a Microsoft employee but I have been whipp'n him out every quarter. So now I am on my own!


Basically, I know that there are MANY people on ebay that have the OEM copies ready to sell for around $120ish. Is there anywhere where I can get for around $70-$80? Even if i have to purchase up to 10 at a time? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :) :bounce_fl

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XP Pro with SP2 $86 shipped




The RR rating for them sucks pretty bad, but I am sure you would be fine buying XP Pro > resellerratings.com/seller9127.html

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Is it illegal to include in a system built for family/friends and list it on their invoice as "FREE"?

My apologies. I should have been a bit more specific regarding "business use" (and enumerated it to be "in-house business use"). In general, the software is NFR (Not For Resale/Not For Redistribution).


The licensing agreement for most products applies only to the Partner which purchased the Action Pack. As chance would have it, I was actually at a Microsoft Partner event today, and this subject arose as a solution provider was loaning out an Action Pack copy of SQL Server as a "trial" to a client of their specific solution. When the solution provider attempted to convert that particular license to a stand-alone, purchased license of SQL Server, there were a number of licensing problems apparently.


I believe that in-house business, personal, or family use (as long as the Action Pack is renewed appropriately) generally falls within the spirit of the EULA. For machines that are sold however, an OEM/retail/etc version of said software would likely be required. As alluded to above however, there are a few exceptions in the Action Pack. At times, OEM versions of products are included, which I believe can be transferred to others. Also, a number of trials are often included. For example, in the current version there is a full-featured trial to Small Business Accounting 2006 which can be converted to a fully licensed version by someone other than the Partner him/herself.


If you'd like more detail, I can certainly give you a number of excellent personal contacts directly at Microsoft through which you can attain a wealth of information.

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How much do these subscriptions cost?

The Standard Action Pack subscription is $299.00 initially, and $199.00 for renewals. The Plus version of the action pack is $399.00 initially.


The only discernable difference between the Plus and Standard editions is the former grants one year of access to bCentral List Builder.

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