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New England Patriots hoodie


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Well, JCPenney just mailed me a postcard saying sorry your order you placed on Nov. 26th has been cancelled! ARRRG. Now I need to find another great deal on a New England Patriots hoodie. Anyone seen anything great?



That stinks!

Since I've been looking for Colts things ( ;) ) I can say they've had 20% off at NFL.com and just yesterday,they had some deal at ESPN.com

I would check your local Kohls,Finish Line,etc.

Are you looking to buy in-store or on-line?

Amazon still has a few days left (2 I think) for free sss by Christmas.

Good luck finding your hoodie!

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Prefer online. I don't live by any stores and I am in Indiana so good luck finding Patriots gear here! LOL. Was looking at NFL shop, but hadn't thought of ESPN.


I'm in NEIndiana and have NEVER seen any Pats things for sale here lol!

You can order off the official Pats site but it's so expensive :(

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Well I literally live less than 2 miles from Gillette and the pro shop, I can check it out for you. Also www.patriots.com. There are tons of Pats things here everywhere...too many things!! Sorry I am a soccer fan and love the other kraft team...N E Revolution :D
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