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Lego Star Wars Wii- Clone Wars

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DS6 just finished his letter to Santa and lo and behold we have a game changer! Instead of SW Legos, he wants the wii Lego SW game, Clone Wars. I didn't even know they came out with a new one and that it was even on his radar. soooo..... taking back the big SW Lego set and looking for a a deal on the wii game. I have no idea if there are any deals since on games. Amazon is listing 49.99 with $10 video game credit.


thanks for any help!

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Gonna be a great game though! Might want to order it from gamestop when it does come out. ANd buy the insurance for a couple bucks. Its guaranteed to be played a lot. I pre-ordered Harry Potter lego for the wii from amazon and the kids managed to scratch it beyond repair with in 3 days. We have a PS3 as well so I replaced it with a PS3 disc. The Blu Ray PS3 discs are almost indestructible. Gamestop will replace the wii (or the PS3 discs) if you buy the insurance . Its a couple bucks I think.


Thanks for the reminder actually. Now that I think about it I am preordered on the Wii from Amazon already for that one. Did it back in the summer or earlier before this harry potter fiasco and I need to cancel it and buy it at gamestop (they also do preorders), or get it for the PS3 instead.

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