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need a DSi


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missed the white sale at Target last week - would appreciate any heads up on good deals.

dont need games, etc. just the Dsi itself as we have the DS (which the little brother is


eeks - wrong forum - how do i move this to deal finder thread??

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cuz i goofed and put in wrong forum...
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Edit: I just realized this I posted is a DS Lite, not a DSi. Eek! I still don't know the difference, lol. I'm still looking.


There is this one: Nintendo DS Lite Polar White - Seattle Mariners - it's $119.99 But not sold from Amazon, HOWEVER it is fulfilled by Amazon so it's: eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime (remember, NO tax for most states)


Go Hastings has a White Nintendo DSi for $129.98, HERE

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