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Keurig Elite B40 $89.99 at my local Target (Price Cut)


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Thought I'd share because I have been pricing this model for a few weeks now looking for a good deal..... The lowest I have seen anywhere is $109 on sale and that includes online at www.target.com if you were to check today.


So not sure if the in-store Temp Price Cut is store dependent but it was not advertised and I just happened to stumble upon it today while shopping for other items.


I am one happy shopper today! :cheesy:

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I was there on Sunday in upstate NY and they has loys-the only thing is that you would need the actual coupon for 30% off not the code that anybody can use online with the charge. I only got 20% off with the one they sent me in the mail-it's a scratch off. I just orded it online last night-can't believe they are gone.
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