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Laptop died...need a cheap one quick!

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Suurrrre....now that all the BF and CM deals are over, my 2 yr old Toshiba gets the blue screen of death.:yuck:


I am looking for something under $400, 2.2 GHz or so, 2 or 3 GB, and any size hard drive as we use a couple externals. (Although not often enough as we still have lost alot of pictures on the Toshiba, and well I havent backed up my financials in about 4 weeks GAH)



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Have you looked at amazon? They have a Toshiba, but you may not want another one! 3gb RAM and 320 gb HD. I think its $380. Check WalMart.com too.

I looked at amazon first. Prices have gone up since October, when ds#2 bought his there. I will have to spend $429 for a comparible Acer.

I found a Toshiba for $299 on Best Buys website but its unavailable at my local best buy and not available to ship. I could order one if I wanted to drive 4 hrs to pick it up!

I am waiting for Walmart to get a good deal on one that IS in stock. Hope this weeks sale ads have something good. I wish we could fix our Toshiba.

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OMG! Ok HOW did you restore it to a previous date? I cant get it to do the restore discs we have.

My computer (HP) ran through some sort of troubleshooting program trying to locate the problem. After it ran for a while it told me that they were unable to find a solution. It gave me a couple options and restore to a previous date was one of them.

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Thank you Becca!

The Toshiba gave the option to retry Windows normally or run a Diagnostic and Fix. the result was it wouldn't fix it. I wish it gave me the option to restore to an earlier date. I remember now that the Gateways we had in the 90s and 2000 would do that.

I'm sorry it didn't work. Maybe if you ask in the tech forum, someone can give you some other options.

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