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Walmart Wii Remote, Nunchuck & Game Of choice $35 Plus $5.94 Shipping


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I got my Epic Mickey game, but now received notification that my controllers have been cancelled. I Received the $10 e-gift card. Does that mean they are not refunding part of what I originally paid? If that's the case I originally paid $42.57 after tax and shipping, subtract the $10 gift card and Epic Mickey cost me $32.57 then? I actually wanted the controllers.


Thank you for your recent Walmart.com order(s).


Unfortunately, we have canceled the items listed below that were part of the Wii bundle in your order. We're very sorry for the inconvenience and for the delay in notifying you of this cancellation. You may have received an email stating the cancellation was due to limited availability; it was actually due to incorrect pricing of the items on our website.


To thank you for your understanding regarding this delayed notification, we will email you a $10 eGift Card which can be applied toward a future purchase. We’ll issue one eGift Card per affected customer; this card can be used online at Walmart.com only. Please allow one week for processing.





Qty Item Description

1 Choose Your Set of Controllers - POWER A Wii Pro Pack Mini - Black




Only the items listed above were affected by this issue.

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