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Jcp paper jamz amplifier $6.99, shipped free to store


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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Checked to more off my lists tonight, and cheaper then they were black friday! Couldn't order from the sight though, after I put everything in my basket, I had to call the 1-800# a few times and place my order that way! JOLLY4U for free shipping or GIVEJOY for 20% off
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So I finally picked this up from the store noticed the package was kind of small but I had never seen them in stores so didn't know quite what I was getting. Open the package to wrap it tonight and I got a box of ponies! Stupid Breyer parade of horses! SO not what my boys want! I called them and they are OOS on the amp but offered me $12 on the guitars and free shipping to my house. I took it, although not happy but what can I do, I didn't feel like going off on them and didn't expect to get much out of the deal. Major bummer though!!!
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